Useful ideas

20 delightful ideas that will make the interior of a small kitchen perfect


When the question arises about the planning of a small kitchen, then you need to act creatively.

Every corner and protrusion must be functionally involved.

The key is finding the right design solutions.

These 20 great ideas on the design of the kitchen will prove that the size is not the main thing.

1. Natural materials in the interior

The original small kitchen with natural materials in the finish.

2. School board in the kitchen interior

A new trend in the interior of the kitchen is a school board mounted on the wall, on which you can draw everything your heart desires.

3. Kitchen from expensive wood

The wood kitchen is one of the most expensive design options because it requires special treatment and care.

4. Kitchen with large pane windows

Beautiful and modern design solutions in the kitchen with large pane windows.

5. Mosaic tiles in modern kitchen interiors

A reliable way to make the interior of a dark kitchen more comfortable is to add small mosaic tiles to the design.

6. Chrome surfaces

Chrome-plated surfaces of household appliances can harmoniously fit into all modern styles.

7. Pastel interior

In order for the pastel interior of a modern kitchen to be closer to the ideal, it is not necessary to do a massive work on the alteration.

8. Space saving

Useful and original idea of ​​saving space in the kitchen.

9. A practical solution for arranging a small kitchen.

Unusual, stylish and practical solution for arranging a small kitchen of a light color.

10. Bar counter

The bar counter, combined with the island, looks harmonious and interesting in any modern interior.

11. The dominant light shade in the interior

The combination of a dominant light shade with shiny gray surfaces is a safe way to create a classic and truly non-dull interior.

12. Unusual industrial-style chandelier

An unusual industrial-style chandelier and a multitude of wooden elements are obvious solutions for revitalizing the interior of a bright kitchen.

13. Excellent background

The light shade, due to its neutrality, is considered to be an excellent background for complex elements.

14. Shades of white in the interior

Different shades of white allow you to deepen the simple and monochromatic kitchen interior.

15. Kitchen combined with living room

Modern design reception, when the kitchen is combined with the living room, is no longer a novelty.

16. Kitchen with unusual wooden accents

The bright kitchen with unusual wooden accents is especially relevant for modern design.

17. Wall of decorative marble

The original look and perception of the room will give a wall of decorative marble in the kitchen.

18. Decorative marble in the interior

Another classic version of the use of decorative marble in the interior of the kitchen.

19. Kitchen in brown and dark colors

Kitchen in brown and dark shades will appeal to those who love contrasts.

20. The combination of dark blue and white

The correct combination of dark blue kitchen with white appliances will visually increase the space of a small kitchen.