Useful ideas

10 utility for the kitchen, with which it will be much easier and faster to cook


Every year, the world market receives many new useful inventions for the kitchen. Hundreds of designers have been thinking through them for months to the last detail in order to simplify and facilitate the work of housewives in the kitchen.

However, most inventions not only have a strange purpose, but also look ridiculous. That is why the single "pearls" are really valuable, the main thing is to notice them in time and start using them to the fullest.

1. Knife for cleaning fish

No torment and smelled fish hands.

It's just fire! How much easier and more pleasant is the process of cleaning fish from scales, it is even difficult to convey with words. No particles flying on all sides, long and tiring minutes of struggle, as well as difficult to wash hands. Everything is very simple: the knife has two special blades that gently and effortlessly cut off the scales. After this, the miracle device needs to be rinsed under water and continue the cleaning process. The knife is comfortable to hold in your hand, so anyone will like it.

2. Universal frying pan

And you poorly cook 5 dishes at the same time?

Well, who has not dreamed of a skillet on which you can immediately cook several dishes? If you are one of them, then the cherished desire is recognized as fulfilled. Pan with separate sections, as they say, exactly what the doctor ordered. With its help, you can easily cook scrambled eggs, sauce, warm up a sandwich and fry sausages. All that the soul desires in the shortest possible time. This pan is especially useful for bachelors or people who live on their own - there is no need to immediately prepare large amounts of food.

3. Oil Dispenser

A couple of pshikov, and all in oil.

Excessive oil intake is very unhealthy. But using a regular bottle, even with a dispenser, it is difficult not to drop too much. In this case, the inventors of kitchen tools came up with an oil dispenser. This device allows you to select the desired flow and distribute the vegetable dressing throughout the dish evenly. Thanks to the dispenser, any cooking, including stewing and frying in the pan, is not only easier, but also healthier. Extra bonus: saving oil, now it will have to buy much less.

4. Key for opening cans

Universal remedy for opening any edible supplies.

Sometimes home banks are twisted so well that it is extremely difficult to open them. But even the task impossible at first glance becomes much easier if there is additional inventory. The key for unscrewing the covers perfectly copes with the banks, which are screwed on the thread. It is made of rubber and food grade plastic, so it does not slip in your hand and guarantees a strong grip on the lid. On the key there are several circles with different diameters, which allows you to open any cans and even bottles. The bright colors of the fixture will decorate any kitchen.

5. Nippers for plates

Safety and versatility above all.

Well, a very useful thing. With her appearance in the kitchen, all unpleasant accidents with burning fingers instantly evaporate. Convenient tongs with safe handles make it easy to take any hot plate or other container. To rearrange something on the stove or get food from the microwave is now easier than ever.

6. Opener-rescue

Corkscrew? No, no, not heard.

A wonderful invention that leaves the familiar corkscrew far behind. With the help of this opener, any wine or other bottle will be opened three times faster and easier. The opener operates at the touch of a button. A great modern alternative to corkscrew. The bottle opener is a particularly useful item for girls who usually do not get along well with a corkscrew.

7. Steam cleaner

In your microwave there is no place for fat and stains if Angry Mama is operating there.

This fun accessory can bring great benefits to your kitchen. Thanks to the original design steam cleaner got the nickname Angry Mama. No wonder that he copes well with any dirt in the microwave. Steam comes out of the head of Angry Mama, which softens the fat frozen on the walls and helps to quickly remove it.

Before using the device, the head needs to be removed and water poured into the body. Improving the effect helps to add a small amount of vinegar. To get rid of the unpleasant smell in the microwave, you need to put some lemon juice in the water. After all the simple preparations are completed, we return the Angry Mama head to its place and send the steam cleaner to the microwave for 7 minutes. Wash funny priborchik possible in the dishwasher.

8. Flexible brush

For me there are no impossible tasks!

Useful acquisition to literally clean all hard-to-reach places in the house. Flexible brush copes with curved surfaces and penetrates all the slits. Her stiff bristles clean any dirt, and the bright design makes chores more joyful.

9. Tanks for cooking pasta

Boil-boil, macaroni, big and small.

In one pan, you can cook several types of pasta at once. It is very convenient if you want to make an original culinary masterpiece even from a simple dish. Containers of the colander type are conveniently fixed to the pan. After the pasta is ready, the containers are easily removed. You do not have to bother with draining hot water and rinse the pasta will be easier.

10. Form for meatballs

The perfect burgers for the perfect hostess.

The compact metal form will allow you to make neat, delicious burgers in unlimited quantities. For those who often cook a minced meat dish or love homemade burgers, such an invention is a godsend. All burgers are the same in size and thickness, therefore they will become a real decoration of any dish or sandwich.