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15 original ideas how to hang curtains without a ledge


Curtains are the main highlight in the design of any interior, so it is very important not only to skillfully choose the color, texture of the material and style, but also effectively hang them. You do not like bulky and pompous baguettes, or you simply lack a couple of centimeters to install them, or maybe you have an arched or non-standard window?

Whatever the reason, it is necessary to hang the curtains to make the room design complete. In this case, you will come to the aid of a very original, sometimes even eccentric ways of fastening curtains without curtain rods.

How to originally hang the curtains without a cornice.

Curtains - the main element of the decor in our home, which can significantly affect both the interior itself and the impression of the owners. Everyone knows that any apartment or house can be visually transformed with skillful colors and some decorative elements. And the curtains are no exception, because the overall picture of the perception of the interior depends on how you can design the places of its fastening in an original way.

A few ideas and tips on how to quickly and effectively hang curtains or curtains without curtain rods:

With hooks

Hooks and holders for spot fastening curtains.

Get the right size hooks or original holders, they must be reliable and in harmony with the chosen style of the interior.

The use of large point holders.

Calculate correctly the distance between them so that the canvas does not sag, forming unplanned folds. Above the window opening firmly fix the selected holders.

You can use such holders.

On the curtain itself, be sure to sew longitudinal ribbons or make loops. This will make it easy and safe to hang.

With the help of a point mount, you can originally arrange the arched window.

How to use vertical tacks to fix the curtain web.

The option of using pickups.

There are drawbacks to this method of window decoration - the curtain does not move. But it is easily solved with the help of side grabs, which will help not only to let the sun in the room, but also add zest to the interior. After all, they can be very original to issue, giving a fancy shape to the curtains themselves.

With the help of Velcro tape (in common - Velcro)

Velcro tape will fix the curtain without eaves.

Get the right length of tape. Attach one part of it to the wall or window frame in any of the following ways:

Fasten one piece of tape directly to the wall.

1. Fix a part of the tape directly on the wall using a construction stapler, self-tapping screws or screws. If this is a plastic window, then apply double-sided tape.

On the three-leaved window you can fix all three curtains separately.

The design looks very stylish, if you make separate curtains for each casement of the window frame.

We fasten one part of the tape to a strip that we fix on the wall.

2. You can attach one piece of velcro to the bar to be fixed on the wall with furniture clips, self-tapping screws or wood glue.

It is very quick and convenient to hang the curtains using such anchorage.

Attach the other half of the ribbon from the inside of the canvas. In this way it is very convenient to hang the curtains, it is not necessary to hang for hours under the ceiling trying to hook into the loop. With a flick of the wrist, we join both bands of velcro and everything - the curtain in place.

If you need a partition, then with this design, the canvas can be attached to the ceiling.

This method is suitable even for fixing curtains on the ceiling.

Who has nimble pets, such a fastening curtains will not work.

This type of attachment also has weaknesses, it is impractical in two cases - you have very heavy and long curtains or there are kids in the house who are just learning to walk, as well as cats. Because of such a plan, the cornice is extremely unreliable by physical impact.

With a tree branch or thick rope

Use a tree branch instead of a cornice.

A very unusual and creative way to hang a curtain for lovers of naturalness in the interior.
Leaving on the nature, stock up with several strong, original form branches of the necessary length. Clean dust and dirt, cover too tousled places and cover with varnish or paint. Using any holders, fix the prepared branch on the wall.

Choose the rope you like.

Get a natural rope, it can be: linen, jute, cotton or sisal - it will emphasize your style.

How to use a rope instead of a cornice.

Fasten original rings or any other point fixings on the wall in at least three places.
To the curtain attach the desired length of tape, tape or regular rings.

It looks very original curtain with grommets, threaded through the rope.

If your canvas with metal grommets, then you can simply pass through the rope.

How to hang curtains without eaves.

How to hang curtains without eaves.

How to hang curtains without eaves.

How to hang curtains without eaves.

Now you know, to hang the curtain - the eaves are not necessary, but which of the options to choose, decide for yourself. The main thing is to do it harmoniously, so that the house is filled with a special atmosphere and comfort.