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17 useful tips to help solve everyday household problems


Household troubles in the form of stains on a shirt or scratches on the glass happen to everyone.

You should not immediately panic, but rather remember a few simple tricks that will allow you to cope with a dozen minor problems.

1. Mosquito bites

Eliminate itching from the bite.

The presence of mosquitoes in the summer could still somehow be reconciled if it were not for the bites, accompanied by an itch that does not stop day or night. However, there is one simple, fast and, most importantly, affordable method that can stop your torment.

To solve the problem, you will need a metal spoon, which should be heated in a glass of hot water, attached to the affected area and pressed tightly. The heat destroys the protein that the female mosquito injects under the skin, the blood clotting resumes and the bite stops itching.

2. Scratches on the glass

Scratches on glass surfaces.

To get rid of small scuffs and shallow scratches on glass and glossy surfaces will help toothpaste. With a soft cloth, apply it on the damaged area and rub. Remove excess paste with a napkin. Use this trick to tidy up the screen of your phone, laptop or back cover of the tablet before selling.

3. Gum in hair

Chewing gum, entangled in the hair.

Do not rush to grab the scissors in desperation if chewing gum is tangled in your hair. Just generously grease a tangled tuft of hair and gum with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil and carefully remove the gum.

4. Wax marks

Clean things from wax.

To remove the candlestick or other object from the wax will help low temperature. Just put the soiled thing in the freezer for a few hours. The wax will harden and be easy to clean.

5. Headache

Home remedy for headaches.

If you suffer from a headache, and there is no pill at hand, use folk remedies. Mix a spoonful of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice and drink. With a pulsating headache, helps massage the forehead with a slice of lime.

6. Alternative to eggs

Bananas instead of eggs.

Bananas can successfully replace eggs in the dough, if it includes soda. Of course, without eggs it is impossible to bake a protein pie or a delicate sponge cake, but for cooking pancakes, fritters, cookies and simple biscuits, banana puree will fit perfectly.

7. Ping-pong ball

A rumpled ping-pong ball.

If you had to stop the game of table tennis because of a ball that has been baked, try to straighten it with the help of fire. Just hold the ball for a few seconds over the cigarette lighter. Under the action of heat, the plastic will expand and the dent will straighten.

8. Pain in the side

Get rid of the pain in his side when running.

If you are worried about pain in your side while running, try to exhale at the moment when you step on your left leg.

9. Adorable language

Burn in the tongue.

If you burned the tip of the tongue, sprinkle it with sugar. Refined sugar helps relieve discomfort. Also, with the help of sugar, you can neutralize the burning sensation in the mouth after eating spicy foods.

10. Separate the yolk

Separate the yolk from the protein.

To easily separate the whites from the yolks, it is not necessary to buy special tools. Use the usual plastic bottle. It is extremely simple to use: squeeze the bottle a little to get some air out, bring it to the yolk and release.

11. bruise

Remedy for bruises.

A cotton swab moistened with vinegar will help you avoid hematoma. Use this tool if there is no special ointment at hand.

12. Drowsiness

Quickly get rid of sleep.

If you cannot wake up at the height of the working day, hold your breath for as long as you can, and then slowly breathe out. Such a simple reception, will allow to deceive the body, make the heart beat more often and you will feel a surge of cheerfulness.

13. Sneezing

Hold sneeze.

At the most inopportune moment do you feel that you are about to sneeze? Immediately press the tongue to the sky and everything will stop.

14. Capacity with honey

Tableware for honey.

Before making manipulations with honey, grease the dishes or measuring container with a small amount of vegetable oil. So the honey will not stick to the walls and the dishes will be washed much easier.

15. Clustered glasses

Split stuck glasses.

Glasses, which stand a slide, over time will certainly stick together. Sometimes they stick so tightly that it seems impossible to separate them without splitting. However, there are no problems that cannot be solved. Pour cold water into the upper glass, and lower the lower one into hot water. The bottom cup will expand, and the top cup, on the contrary, will shrink. Visually, this will not be noticeable, but they will be immediately divided.

16. Oil check

Distinguish butter from margarine.

If you are in doubt about the purchased butter, suspecting that this is actually margarine, do a simple test. Lubricate a strip of paper with the product you have and light it. Paper smeared with margarine will exude an unpleasant greasy smell, and oil, on the contrary, when burning, smells nice and unobtrusive.

17. Ink stain

Get rid of ink stains.

Milk perfectly dissolves fresh ink. Therefore, if your pen accidentally stains your shirt, apply a cotton swab dipped in milk to the stain.

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