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10 ideas for corner cabinets that will make the kitchen truly comfortable


Practically in any apartment corners are not used, and this is especially noticeable in kitchens, where functionality and efficient use of space are important.

People who want to optimize the design of their kitchen should get acquainted with the following ideas of corner kitchen cabinets.

We look.

1. The main thing is not quantity, but possibilities

For the most efficient use of space.

Although outwardly it seems that in this photo there are 6 separate drawers, in fact there are 3 of them, each one is simply equipped with 2 handles and it does not matter which one to pull to open the drawer. Of course, it looks ridiculous and unusual (and it seems not very practical), in fact, this idea allows you to use every piece of space under the kitchen countertop.

2. Classic solution

The classic solution for a large kitchen.

If someone doesn’t like this pointy box shape, you can resort to a more “traditional” design. For example, in this kitchen, a diagonal cupboard in the corner includes drawers at the bottom, space for a microwave oven and other small kitchen appliances above the worktop, and an open shelf at the top.

3. Open shelves

Open shelves are always good.

If you don't want to clutter up your kitchen with closed corner cabinets, you can choose open shelves. They can also allow the use of angular space effectively. If you install multiple shelves, you can create a kind of open pantry. It can be framed with ordinary cabinets on both sides, or it can occupy an empty part of the kitchen. In any case, it is better than just an empty corner.

4. Unusual solution

Unusual solution for corner cabinets.

Folding corner cabinets are a good way to maximize storage in the kitchen. In this traditional kitchen you can see a set of wire shelves, some of which are installed inside the cabinet, under the countertop, and some are attached to the door. This combination provides easy access to all the shelves and their contents.

5. Corner shelves

Corner wooden shelves.

One of the corners of the kitchen can be converted, even if it has already installed cabinets. Wall corner shelves are a great way to compensate for lost space above the worktop. These wooden shelves, for example, are attached to wall cabinets on one side.

6. Corner wardrobe

Cabinet in the corner of the kitchen.

Strictly speaking, there are several ways to make good use of the space above the kitchen counter in the corner. This idea is to add a high corner cabinet that rests on the worktop and has square internal shelves. The cabinet may have glass panels so that the contents can be seen from the outside without opening the doors.

7. Curved cabinets

Perfect solution for corners.

Curved cabinets are great for "hiding" and converting corners. They can hold drawers, open shelves or rotating racks. In fact, a curved corner cabinet can become something of a large storage room.

8. Cabinet diagonally

The original solution for the kitchen.

A similar option, but without curved lines, will be a diagonal kitchen corner cabinet, which also connects adjacent walls and fills an empty corner. Its straight lines are better suited for modern kitchens.

9. Such different angle solutions.

Angular decisions - a great many.

Cabinets are not the only things that can be installed in the corners. Despite the fact that it is less common and perhaps even more difficult, you can place large kitchen appliances in the corner of the kitchen. For example, a sink or stove will easily fit there. Above the stove there is enough space for a hood.

10. Universal Angle Solution

Lockers + shelves + racks.

A simpler and more versatile option compared to some of the others discussed above is to install wall kitchen cabinets on both sides of the corner right up to the wall itself. At the place of their crossing it will be better to make open shelves and racks.