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17 cute and useful gizmos, the cost of which does not hit the pocket


17 cute and useful gizmos, the cost of which does not hit the pocket

Designers are constantly inventing things that are designed to facilitate our daily lives.

This can be a thermometer sticker for kids, and a kitchen timer, and cutlery-transformers.

We collected 17 cute and useful gizmos, the cost of which does not hit the bill.

1. Cover

Cup cap.

Love brewed tea? This charming little cap with a flower will help to prepare it. The product is made of soft silicone, which easily withstands temperatures from -40 to +260 degrees and fits snugly to the cup. In addition to brewing tea, the lid can be used to protect soft drinks from the smells of the refrigerator.

2. Hanger for the locker

Hanging hanger for the locker.

A convenient hanger that can be placed on the inside of the door of any kitchen cabinet and used to store small household utensils. In our opinion, several of these hangers, the price of each of which does not exceed 100 rubles, will allow to restore order in the loaded kitchen cabinets.

3. Brush Case

Toothbrush case.

Down with the old glasses for toothbrushes. Because of the moisture in them, a terrible sediment very quickly appears. Instead of a general glass, we recommend paying attention to individual plastic cases with small holes that allow moisture to evaporate.

Note: Dentists strongly recommend storing family members' toothbrushes in such a way that their bristles do not touch. Otherwise, the whole family can share a disease that only one of them has suffered before.

4. Sticker-thermometer

Sticker measuring temperature.

Everyone who has measured the baby’s temperature at least once knows how painful these five minutes can be. Solve the problem will help sticker thermometer. Just stick it on your baby's forehead and within a few minutes you will get an accurate result. One strip can be reused within 48 hours.

5. Device for cleaning the drain

Tube for cleaning the drain pipe.

According to the information, the most common causes of pipe blockages are hair that accumulates in the drain pipe. To cope with this problem will help a special device for cleaning pipes. Wonderful device is a narrow long strip of flexible plastic with a lot of notches.

6. Jewelry box

Charming jewelry box.

A charming box, made in the form of a well-known cake, to provide a place to store your favorite jewelry.

7. Slate sticker

Slate sticker for drawing.

Parents of little fidget often have to scour the childrens art from the walls. However, such troubles can be avoided by purchasing several slate stickers. Children will happily paint on the walls without messing them up.

8. Kitchen timer

The timer in the form of a mouse.

If you love a variety of cute things for the kitchen, this mouse-like timer will not leave you indifferent.

9. Cutlery

Folding cutlery.

In order to not suffer with disposable tableware at the cottage or on a campaign, you should get a similar set of folding reusable tableware. The set consists of a spoon, fork, Chinese chopsticks and a small convenient case.

10. Spiral knife

Spiral mini knife.

A small spiral knife, which will make small cuts on sausages. It can be used at home to cook sausages in the microwave or cook, but the best cuts with sausages cook on fire.

11. Cup with rotating mechanism

Cup with automatic stirrer.

Technology does not stand still and never cease to amaze, making human life easier and better. A vivid example of this is a cup with a rotating mechanism, thanks to which you don’t even have to stir your drink after cooking.

12. Ceramic knife

Bright ceramic knife.

A bright folding knife made of ceramics will be a loyal assistant in the kitchen, as well as on any journey. The knife is sharp enough and durable, which allows you to cut any products, and its compact dimensions allow you to take it with you wherever you go.

13. Stamps

Stamps for cookies.

Fans of home baking, surely will be delighted, having received as a gift a set of cute stamps for baking. It should be noted that all dies are easy to fold and do not take up much space.

14. Knife set

Set of kitchen knives.

Stylish and very original set of knives. All of them are made of high-quality metal and equipped with magnetic parts, which allows them to fold into one big knife.

15. Funnels

Set of bright funnels.

A set of folding bright funnels made of silicone - not the first thing, but still useful in the economy.

16. Lake

Watering can for tap.

Anyone who has children 3-5 years old at home should take a look at this charming watering can. With its help, it will not only be much more convenient for children to use the tap, but also where it is more interesting to do it.

17. Salad tongs

Original salad tongs.

These original tongs can turn an ordinary green salad into a real table star. Their appearance will surely attract general attention to such a simple, at first glance, dish.

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