Useful ideas

14 practical ideas to help push the walls in a small room


Some people believe that if their living room is very limited in size, then it is hardly possible to do something with it in terms of design. In fact, do not worry - even the smallest room can be stylish and luxurious.

Just look at the following 14 ingenious design solutions for decorating compact living rooms.

1. Creating a well-organized workplace

Even in a small apartment there is where to arrange a workplace.

Even in the smallest living room you can arrange your home workplace. For example, this secretary table can be used as a nightstand-stand for pots with flowers (and for anything else), and, if necessary, fold its lid, turning it into a writing desk.

2. Using mirrors to increase space

Mirror as the main focus of the interior.

Those who are looking for a way to maximize small space should take a closer look at the example of Louis XIV. He ordered the construction of the famous Mirror Gallery in Versailles, which creates the illusion of infinite space. To imitate this idea, you can place a mirror opposite the living room window so that it reflects light and visually expands the room.

3. Tiny tables

Table as a component of comfort.

Many cozy living rooms lack a sufficient amount of space. It is worth thinking about the tiny tables that you can get from the pantry, when necessary, and then carefully hide it back.

4. Place all things in the proper places.

Every thing has its place.

TV can "eat" a significant place in the already small living room. All cords, cables and other electronics should be "packaged" in a console cabinet, which will serve as a stand for the TV. Such a cabinet will complement the aesthetics of the room and reduce the confusion in it.

5. Make a terrific magazine storage table.

An ideal place to store magazines.

In a small living room there is no room for a huge stack of magazines. You can place your collection in a charming coffee table decorated with decoupage method. It will serve both as decoration and as storage space.

6. Curtains in order to hide the mess

Camouflage curtains.

If the cupboard does not fit into the living room, you can remove the door from it, and place everything you need on the shelves. From the room such an "open" wardrobe can be separated with a curtain of luxurious fabric.

7. Decorating a room with built-in modules

Built-in modules as an organic part of the interior.

The amount of storage space in a small room can be increased with the help of custom or purchased built-in modules. Shelves, installed from floor to ceiling, will provide a small living room with enough space to store anything and will not clutter the space.

8. Send your favorite collections to the corner

And a little vintage.

Every centimeter of corner space in a small living room is extremely valuable. You can use most of the usually unused corners by installing cabinets for collectibles in them. A hand-made decorative display cabinet is able to attract the eye of anyone who enters a room.

9. Make multitasking ottomans

Ottoman sofas are always in fashion.

Soft ottoman sofas, on which so comfortable to put the legs, can two goals at once. In addition to the direct purpose, in the case of a small living room, they can be used as bedside tables. Everything is simple - we take a bedside table, put everything you need into it, and then put a pillow on it, the upholstery of which corresponds to the color palette of the room.

10. Decorate functional objects

The main thing is style.

Form and function are not mutually exclusive when it comes to design. You just need to decorate quite utilitarian objects so that they simultaneously decorate the room.

11. Choose smaller furniture

Size is not always the main thing.

Undoubtedly, falling on a huge soft sofa after a long working day is a dream of many people, but in some small living rooms a large sofa simply does not fit. Instead, you should choose smaller furniture, such as a small sofa, which will help to save space, but at the same time will provide enough seating space.

12. Make furniture mobile

Furniture transformer.

In the cramped living room, you can use the table on wheels. And when it becomes necessary to increase free space, it can be removed in the blink of an eye.

13. Remove wires

We remove the wires.

Tangled wires and cables can be an eyesore in any room. But you can safely pack them in one box with several strips of tape and clips.

14. Design the interior in one color

Monochrome interior.

In small rooms, you should always resort to the interior in the same color scheme. Even if you do not want to make the living room one-color, you should make sure that the colors do not "compete" with each other, and make the interior in the same color scheme.