Useful ideas

17 items that raise comfort to maximum


Designers do not eat their bread for nothing and every season they present all new inventions designed to facilitate life, and to make rest even more comfortable.

And among all this diversity come across very curious little things.

About the most useful - in today's material.

We look.

1. Beach visor

Sun shade.

Compact folding visor with a cushion and a system for charging gadgets - a very convenient thing for beach lovers.

2. "Fragrant" alarm clock

Electronic alarm clock, flavoring the air.

Electronic alarm clock that can wake up not only with the help of loud sounds, but also through your favorite scents. Included are several replaceable cartridges with different flavors, including: the smell of coffee, chocolate and money.

3. Mini raincoats

Protective covers for sneakers.

Protective covers made of durable polyethylene will help protect your shoes from moisture and dirt in rainy weather. Among the advantages of such shoe raincoats their strength, lack of rustling and modern appearance.

4. Pots with self-watering

Pots with the original self-watering system.

Charming flower pots decorated with tongues, which are not only decorative, but also functional elements. It is through the tongues, lowered into a container of water in the ground will get moisture.

5. Foot stickers

Rubberized stickers on the feet.

Hot sand, pebbles and spines can seriously injure our feet on the beach. However, the usual slaps all the time fall into the sand falls into them, plus to everything they can not protect your feet in the water. To solve all these problems and reliably protect the feet from injury will help innovative stickers, made of thick rubberized material. The stickers are reusable, fit snugly to the feet, protect against burns, cuts and prevent slipping.

6. Round Cosmetic Bag with Drawstring.

The round cosmetic bag which is tightened by a lace.

The original beautician, which is fastened by tightening the lace, and when opened, turns into a rug, where all means are at a glance. This accessory will contain a lot of cosmetic products and will always make it easy to find the right one.

7. Tattoos on pantyhose

Tights with tattoos.

If you are attracted to tattoos, but the pain and the understanding that the picture will stay with you forever scares you, you should pay attention to thin tights with tattoos. Tights are made of the finest nylon, and the drawing is made very high quality and practically does not differ from a real tattoo.

8. Air mattress

Inflatable mattress in the form of a flamingo.

Stunning air mattress in the form of a huge bright pink flamingo with comfortable sofas, which can accommodate 5-6 seater mattress.

9. Baby Hoodie

Baby hoodie-transformer.

Stylish baby hoodie, which is easily transformed into a charming soft toy, no doubt, will become your child's favorite thing.

10. Roulette

Roulette giraffe.

Roulette in the form of a small yellow giraffe - the original alternative to the usual device for measuring.

11. Bedding

The bed passing sand.

Litter, which is full of sand - the situation is unpleasant and familiar to all. However, progress does not stand still, and now there are instances on which sand is collected, but not delayed. This is due to a special perforated material that can pass through the grains of sand.

12. Unsinkable glasses

Glasses that do not sink.

These glasses do not sink or turn over, so you can safely take them with you to the pool. Such an invention is unlikely to be able to change life, but it's easy to decorate a summer vacation.

13. Juicer

Citrus juicer.

The juicer in the form of a small watering can is another interpretation of the tool for extracting citrus juice, which will be a nice addition to your kitchen.

14. Drinking bowl for dogs

Nozzle on the neck of the bottle.

A special nozzle that can turn any plastic water bottle into a dog watering bag. Such a thing will be a useful acquisition for those who often travel with their four-legged friend.

15. Flip flops with a secret

Cache in flip flops.

Comfortable sports flip-flops, with a small pocket in the sole, in which you can hide a credit card, money and room key, while on the beach.

16. Device for washing paws

Device for washing dog paws.

A unique device in the form of a narrow tuba with soft brushes inside, capable of washing the paws of a pet after a walk in two accounts.

17. Brush for lenses

A device for cleaning lenses.

A tiny device that looks like tweezers with two soft jaws at the ends will help to quickly and efficiently clean the lenses of the glasses on both sides.