Useful ideas

13 useful home solutions that make life easier


Make a housekeeper or a holder for wires from the children's designer, or maybe open a bottle of tarragon with a laptop recharge?


And even packing from chips and plugs from toilet paper will be useful to this life hacker.

1. Clips for paper

Clamp - well done, thirst - the end.

Attach the paper clips to the fridge shelf grill, and the beverage bottles won't roll around erratically. It is better to choose more copies. Binder is useful to zealous owners, because he can easily replace the key for toothpaste. The paper clips attached to the edge of the table or shelf become excellent holders for wires and charges.

Become in order.

2. Lego for use

A fun item for the office workplace.

The same holders for wires, but much more fun, are obtained from Lego-men. These little helpers will not only hold charges and headphones, but also brighten up everyday work, forcing you to smile.

The original move will pack a gift in a box or box, assembled from Lego details. In addition, this supply allows you to use the package longer than a cardboard box, and even more so not to use not very environmentally friendly wrapping paper from the film.

Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

From Lego you can also make a unique key hanger for the whole family with patterns and inscriptions that come to mind. It doesn’t even need hooks - the keychain from the parts of the same designer will keep it on the key panel.

To create such a key holder can attract children.

3. The second life of the sleeves

Minimum cost, maximum benefit.

Washable sleeves are good, and classic cardboard sleeves that eliminate chaos in a box with wires or a desktop drawer are even better. Vertical storage allows you to leverage maximum space and create the best possible view of the content.

Spring will protect the charging wire.

The spring from the pen is written - not necessarily a candidate for elimination. Worn on the wire, it will save it from destructive bending in the connector area, and it will last much longer.

5. While the candle is burning

A little trick - you can't ban a beautiful life.

For connoisseurs of beautiful large candles that adorn the interior, but at the same time quite expensive, the following technique is useful: from time to time, insert a tea candle into the recess formed around the burnt wick. From the side, substitution is almost imperceptible, and large candles can be bought less often.

6. Store Spaghetti in a Pot of Chips

The jar is easy to decorate to fit into the kitchen.

Why buy spaghetti containers when there are empty cans of chips? They are suitable for storing these pasta in both height and volume. The case when the pleasant and useful go hand in hand.

Cunning for lovers of crunch.

By the way, so that the chips do not spill out of the jar all at once, make for them a sleeve of paper, on which they will smoothly slip.

7. Carabiner for carrying bags

With the carabiner, the bag handles will not cut into the palm.

If you don’t have enough hands, then on a large carabiner, numerous bags and shopping bags can be carried to the car or to the door and alone. And the handles of the packages will not cut into the palm, if you choose a model with a soft clutch.

8. Opener from laptop charging

When thirsty, all means are good.

There was no opener at hand, as well as the desire to comprehend the art of opening bottles with eyes or teeth? Charging from the Mac will come to the rescue. Although it is quite an expensive replacement for an opener, but this is a matter for her.

9. Paper towel cooler

A quick way to cool a drink.

At home, there was a company craving for soft drinks, and they treacherously warmed up on the way from the store? Try wrapping them in wet paper towels or napkins and refrigerate them - they will cool much faster than without them, but they will not freeze like in a freezer.

10. Cheapest Steamer

Scratching such a shirt without technology is a reality.

Steamer - not the most budget thing from small home appliances. But do not despair - even a very wrinkled shirt will come in a decent view, hanging over open pots of boiling water. And on a journey you can steam out crumpled clothes over a bath with hot water, the main thing is to remember to close the door. If there is no bath in the room, the shower will also work perfectly well.

11. Battery Extension

When useful knowledge of the chemistry course.

Do you need finger batteries for the device, but is there only AAA? Coins, pushed to the negative pole of the little finger batteries, will become peculiar extenders and conductors for the current. As in the "negative" end of the battery, there is zinc in the coins.

12. The Lord of the Rings

Organizer of improvised means.

Rings from the shower curtain, attached to the crossbar of a regular coat hanger, will turn it into a convenient organizer for compact storage of scarves and tops on the straps. And free space in the closet will increase, which means that it is possible without remorse to go for new clothes and accessories.

13. Self-adhesive hook

Cool solution to the problem with the sliding package.

In capable hands and self-adhesive hook capable of much. It is enough to fix it upside down on the trash can to forget about the package with the garbage that is always slipping to the bottom.

Temporary holder for a tablet of hooks.

Being glued inside the doors of the locker, the hooks are able to hold the packing with cotton pads, it is convenient to arrange a collection of sunglasses and trouser belts. Modern adhesives will securely fasten even the lids from the pots and a small lattice shelf, and if necessary they will be removed without a trace. Additional storage space has not hurt anyone.