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12 tricks used by experienced housewives when washing clothes


Perhaps washing is one of the most boring household chores that cannot be avoided. Although progress does not stand still and engineers are developing such things as a washing machine that can be controlled via the Internet, this process does not become more fun.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that women spend an average of 17 minutes a day doing laundry. In this article we will talk about tricks that can significantly reduce the time spent for this boring occupation.

We have prepared a list of tips due to which washing will be a simple and quick process.

1. Use rinse aid to clean the washing machine.

The washing machine needs regular care and disinfection, otherwise its life will be reduced. This task can be handled not only by specialized means, but also mouth rinse. Just add 1/2 cup of the liquid to the powder container and start the full wash cycle - the fungi, harmful bacteria and unpleasant odor will be destroyed.

2. Get socks for washing socks.

When washing, many are faced with the mystery of disappearing socks. And scientists Simon Moore and Jeff Ellis even developed a formula that explains the mysterious loss of things from the washing machine.

However, experienced housewives advise you to buy special bags for washing small items of clothing for each family member separately. Then the problem of unpaired linen will be solved without complicated mathematical calculations.

3. Do not overdry clothes

It is very difficult to ideally iron out clothes that have dried for longer than the prescribed time. The fibers of the fabric are twisted and become resistant to thermal effects. In especially difficult cases, even an iron with a steamer will not be able to cope with the task. It is better to iron slightly damp clothes, and if after all the trouble has happened and your things cannot be smoothed in any way - just wet them with water.

4. Use baby shampoo to return the original look to the shrunken clothing.

This may sound unusual, but baby shampoo or conditioner can return the original shape and size to the clothes that have sat down. Simply add the cap of the product in a container with warm water and soak the item for 10-15 minutes, then dry it with a towel, and then lay it on a horizontal surface for final drying. The conditioner will smooth out the twisted fibers and give them the initial volume.

5. Do not use conditioner for washing white laundry.

Experienced housewives do not recommend adding air conditioner when washing white laundry, as it interferes with whitening. If your goal is a perfect white color, then you must give up not only the air conditioner, but also the powder, and add only a special bleach when washing. Foreign components clog the fibers of the fabric and interfere with the penetration and operation of the bleach.

6. Do not sort clothes by color

Sort clothes not by color, but by material density. Heavy fabrics absorb more moisture than light ones. Therefore, the powder is washed out from different things in different ways, and still washing intersperses spoils the clothes of fine fiber. However, there are 2 exceptions to this rule:

  • White things must always be washed separately.
  • The temperature regime should be no higher than 30 degrees, otherwise when combined washing colorful things still shed.

7. Put the foil balls in the washing machine drum

To forget about the problem of electrifying things forever, put some foil balls into the washing machine when washing: the aluminum from which it is made is able to absorb an electrostatic charge.

8. Remove traces of decorative cosmetics from clothes with shaving foam.

Traces of cosmetics can sometimes be removed by conventional means: foundation and lipstick firmly eats into the fabric. But this task is easily handled by regular shaving foam. Simply apply it on the stain and wash it in the usual way - manually or in a washing machine.

9. Dish caps in the dishwasher

In order for caps and baseball caps not to lose their original shape, it is not recommended to wash them in a washing machine. The solution is simple: these clothes can be washed in the dishwasher. Place the cap in the upper section of the dishwasher and run a full cycle.

10. Use cold water to wash dirty socks.

Socks can not be washed in hot water. After all, most of the pollution on them are of protein origin, such as sweat. And when exposed to high temperatures, proteins collapse, and the dirt remains forever in the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, washing socks in cool water is more efficient.

11. Remove stubborn stains with a hair dryer.

To get rid of old stains of non-protein origin (grass, earth, juice), you can heat them with a hairdryer and apply a small amount of detergent to the area of ​​contamination. And after such treatment, you can send the item in the wash. Local temperature increase will allow the ingredients of the washing powder to act more efficiently.

12. Use dry towels to dry faster.

The linen dries faster if you hang dry towels between the rows with just washed clothes. And if the thing is slightly wet, but you urgently need to leave the house, then just wrap it in a dry fluffy towel and put it on a spin in a washing machine. This will help remove residual moisture.

And what tricks when washing clothes do you have? Share your tips in the comments.