Useful ideas

16 non-standard ideas on how to arrange a small balcony on your own


Even from the smallest balcony in a one-room apartment you can make a real island of comfort, which will turn into an amazing place to relax.

And it can be done on its own without special material costs and without the help of professionals. This review contains ideas that will be useful to anyone who decided to conjure with his balcony.

1. Greens on the balcony

Greenery on the balcony makes it really cozy.

On the balcony looks good lively greens. This makes the balcony a real corner of wildlife in the city.

2. The balcony is also a room.

The balcony is also a room.

Any balcony can be made more "lively". This can be achieved simply by decorating it, like any other room.

3. Graphite board for balcony

Board on the balcony will appeal to both children and adults.

Why not install an easel on the balcony. This will make it the favorite place of any creative child.

4. The perfect place to relax

The place from which everything is visible.

Few people think about it, but the balcony is not only a place for folding unnecessary things. In fact, this is the perfect place to admire the surroundings.

5. Natural lighting in the afternoon, and candles - in the evenings

Lighting on the balcony may be different.

Lighting may be different. If you add a couple of pieces of unobtrusive lamps or candles to the balcony, this will obviously add a more romantic feeling.

6. The furniture is unusual and functional.

Such different balcony furniture.

Functional furniture that serves several purposes at once is always preferable. After all, it can be used, for example, for leisure, for work, or simply to listen to music.

7. Cozy chair on the balcony

Armchair on the balcony for a comfortable stay.

If the balcony is wide enough, you can install a small sofa or a chair on it. This will create a terrific place to take a nap and relax.

8. Proper pillows

The choice of pillows for the balcony is a serious matter.

Not everyone has glazed balconies. Do not forget that for an open balcony you should choose pillows from waterproof and slightly fading fabric in the sun.

9. Warm blanket is always appropriate.

Plaid on the balcony - it is always appropriate.

A cozy blanket is always good. It will be the perfect complement to the chair on the balcony, because it's not always summer outside.

10. Spices on the balcony

Spices on the balcony for lovers of cooking.

An interesting and useful idea would be to install on the balcony a few boxes in which to grow herbs. This will give it a greener look and will also allow fresh homemade basil or rosemary to be used in cooking.

11. The main thing is to be warm

Warm cape will not be superfluous.

A warm sheepskin cape is another thing that can provide a cozy atmosphere on the balcony.

12. Bright colors on the balcony

Bright colors on the balcony are always appropriate.

In early spring, when everything was still green, no bright colors would be in the way. Therefore, a bright blanket, a colorful rug and striped pillows for the floor will be an excellent addition to the decor of the balcony.

13. Fresh flowers on the balcony

Greenery on the balcony creates a mood.

Fresh flowers should be on any city balcony.

14. A bit of eclectic never hurts.

Ideas for the most comfortable balcony.

Any balcony in any apartment can be given an eclectic atmosphere. To do this, simply combine it in various materials.

15. Bright and unobtrusive

Bright details create a pleasant atmosphere.

For a more attractive look, you can freshen up the design of the balcony with colorful pots. It is also well suited upholstered furniture with unobtrusive patterns.

16. Naturalness in price

Naturalness is always in the price.

The design of the balcony in the cottage style is ideal for modern life. It looks more natural than any other style.