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Plants that actively release oxygen at night


Many people buy indoor plants as a means of decorating and decorating their homes. But home flowers are still a real oxygen bomb. Like any living creature, plants live by breathing. During the day, carbon dioxide emissions from plants are reduced due to photosynthesis. But at night, the plants do not have enough sunlight for photosynthesis, and instead the output of carbon dioxide increases.

Few people know that some plants emit oxygen even at night. The abundance of oxygen has a calming effect on the human body, reducing anxiety, nervousness and fighting insomnia. Experts strongly recommend to purchase one of 10 plants from this list. They give off a lot of oxygen even at night and help you fall asleep easier and ensure a healthy and sound sleep for you and your children.

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera, without exaggeration, can be called a unique plant that should be in every home.

Besides the fact that due to its juice, almost any problem related to skin and health can be cured, it is authentically known that this plant also releases a lot of oxygen at night.

In addition, aloe vera is also an extremely hardy plant, it does not need to be watered often and taken care of in a special way. The plant is completely unpretentious, and very easily propagated.

Therefore, you can sprinkle aloe vera pots on the entire house to get the most out of this plant.

2. Sansevieria (Teschin language)

Do you think that the name of the flower sounds somehow ominous and unkind?

Calm down, absolutely nothing threatens you. On the contrary, the plant of the teschin tongue is definitely the very plant that you need to have at home.

It is considered to be one of the best natural air purifiers that you can imagine, and, like aloe vera, this plant is also very unpretentious, durable and does not need any careful care.

Neem or Azadirahtu Indian can, without exaggeration, be called a synonym for purity. The benefits of this plant have long been documented by experts in the Indian continent.

Nim not only cleans the air, but also acts as a natural pesticide, creating a barrier between you and the annoying front sights and mosquitoes. In fact, it goes further than just killing pests, it absorbs them, and also prevents the spread of new bugs, preventing them from putting off the larvae.

Growing this plant, unlike previous plants, requires tremendous work and patience. In the room where the plant is contained, there should be a lot of sunlight, it is also recommended to use high-quality soil.

4. Tulasi (Basil fine-colored)

Although eating the leaves of a basil plant has many advantages, you also need to point out the huge benefits of the aroma that it distributes.

The leaves of Tulasi emit a very characteristic odor, which favorably affects the human nervous system. Inhaling its aroma, we reduce anxiety and nervousness. In other words, Tulasi heals and regenerates our nerve cells.

When it is time to relax after a tiring day at work, this plant can be a real panacea and the very medicine that the doctor prescribes for the treatment of nerves.

5. Orchid

The orchid is undoubtedly one of the most desirable flowers and a real decoration of any home.

The aesthetic qualities of this flower can not be overestimated. However, if you think that the orchid is beautiful solely by its appearance, then you are greatly mistaken. It is proven that these beautiful flowers emit a lot of oxygen at night, which makes them ideal plants for the bedroom. Therefore, be sure to put a couple of pots of orchids near the place where you sleep.

So you will provide yourself and your loved ones a healthy and sound sleep.

In addition, they also purify the air of xylene, a harmful pollutant contained in various dyes. In other words, thanks to the orchid, your home will be cleaner, fresher, it will be easier to breathe deeply in it. And even if you are an inept gardener, do not worry. Orchid rather unpretentious plant that does not require much care. It is enough to follow the elementary rules of their care, so that it pleases you with its beautiful flowers.

In fact, too careful care of orchids and a lot of fuss around this plant can simply kill her. Just make sure that she has enough sunlight and water it properly, and the orchid will do the rest.

6. Orange Gerbera

Bring some sunshine into your life — get these bright orange flowers in your room.

These, undoubtedly, beautiful flowers at the same time purify the air, and also relieve us from many diseases. The advantages of orange gerberas are as follows: they treat for colds and also prevent cancer.

It is important to note that this flower absorbs such a toxic substance as benzene. Gerbera promotes good and quality sleep, it absorbs carbon dioxide exhaled by man and releases oxygen in its place. When planting a gerbera, some rules should be taken into account, because they are not very easy to replant and plant.

7. Ficus benjamina

The myths surrounding this plant claim that the souls of the dead live among its leaves. But seriously, the advantages of ficus are obvious.

In addition to being a powerful source of oxygen, the leaves of this plant are also used to treat diabetes, prevent constipation and treat asthma. Perhaps that is why at one time the Buddha meditated just under this tree.

8. Cactus Christmas (Decembrist)

Forget about Christmas tree toys. Christmas cactus is what you need in the festive pre-New Year season. This unique flower blooms only in December, but its succulent leaves bring benefits to human health throughout the year. Cactus gives off oxygen even at night, contributing to healthy and sound sleep.

It grows well in dark rooms, making it an ideal ingredient for your bedroom.

9. Plants of the palm family

Surely, many have noticed that the plants of the palm family are universal plants that are present in the offices of doctors, as well as receiving offices.

This plant perfectly cleans the air from harmful impurities and gases, as well as moisturizes it, filling it with useful microelements. Therefore, plants of the palm family will also be useful to have in my bedroom. They effectively remove pollution and contribute to improved sleep.

Despite the fact that these plants come from tropical forests, they prefer rooms with minimal sunshine. Palma requires careful care, however, it is difficult to overestimate its benefit.

10. Kalanchoe

This flower, in addition to having extraordinary beauty and attractiveness, also has rare beneficial properties.

To Kalanchoe grow well and bloom, it is very important the presence of water and the abundance of bright sunlight.

It is worth remembering that this plant fills the air with oxygen day and night. It is also known that the smell of Kalanchoe effectively fights depression, bad mood and problems with sleep.

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