Useful ideas

10 ideas on how to make an expensive interior without a big budget


It often seems that without large financial investments and expensive designer assistance it is impossible to create a decent interior. This is not true. You just need to know about the basic solutions that will make the design of the apartment more stylish, while not requiring you to pay huge costs.

We have gathered useful ideas for you, proving that even with a limited budget you can make your apartment truly luxurious.

Add art objects to your interior

Objects of art will make the interior more visually interesting: as a bright accent, they will distract attention from modest repairs. No need to buy several paintings or sculptures in one room at once - one picture is enough, but of high quality and impressive size. As an option - put in a prominent place plaster head, which can be bought at any art store. We subconsciously perceive sculptures as an attribute of luxury.

Buy fresh flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers, selected to match the interior, can be the best decoration for your living room. No need to spend huge money on the purchase of flowers: a large bouquet of field daisies or carnations will look more worthy than expensive roses. Sometimes it is useful to create a mood in the right mood.

Find a few vintage items

Stroll through the flea markets or smash in boxes on the mezzanine: there you can find wonderful antiques that will enliven your interior. Vintage things, which have already lost their practical functions, give the interior an atmosphere of uniqueness. Many of them can easily give a new life: an old chest can be used as a coffee table, and a table from a sewing machine - as a console in the hallway.

Purchase a screen

An almost forgotten piece of furniture that brings the atmosphere of luxury to your home. Screens are associated with oriental charm and expensive interiors of Japanese emperors. A hand-made screen will give the apartment a special uniqueness. In addition to the aesthetic function, do not forget about the practical purpose of the screen: it will elegantly separate the workspace from the living room or help to zone the dressing room in the bedroom.

Add light to the interior

When choosing curtains and curtains, it is better to give preference to ceiling eaves: this way the ceiling will appear higher and the window opening will be larger. Luxury homes usually have high ceilings and huge windows, so you need to create a similar impression. Open windows as much as possible so that there is as much light in the room as possible, do not store unnecessary and ugly things on the windowsills, do not close the windows with heavy curtains.

Set the table

Sometimes luxury lies in rituals. We try to save time without setting the table, but we lose the aesthetics of the moment and lose the pleasure of what is happening. Try to get from the cabinet the very expensive service that is waiting in the wings - for no reason, just to decorate everyday life. A beautiful table creates a festive atmosphere, improves the appetite and uplifting.

Get rid of excess

Get organized in the apartment and free racks and bookcases from unnecessary things. Half-empty shelves create a sense of volume and spaciousness. The vacated space is better to use for really loved and beautiful things or art objects that can be changed by mood.

Symmetrically arrange the furniture

Symmetrical interiors look majestically and thoroughly, creating a sense of balance. Therefore, symmetry is the best idea for those who do not want to invest large sums in furnishings. Choose cheap accessories and place them on either side of the room’s composition center. Symmetrically placed armchairs in the living room will immediately give her a touch of luxury.

Hang mirrors

Any room in your apartment will look more luxurious, if you can find a place in it for a full-fledged mirror, in an unusual frame or vintage. Mirrors will decorate the room and visually increase the space, just do not overdo it with their number.

Add shine

Luxury and wealth are associated with the brilliance of gold. Do not be afraid to use gold elements in the interior, most importantly, follow the measure. Gold photo frames, sconces, pillows on the couch, and even cutlery can elevate your living room. If you do not like gold, you can give preference to copper or buy accessories under chrome.