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20 culinary life hacking, which will be useful to everyone


The kitchen is the place where we spend a considerable part of our time cooking on it and eating the fruits of our culinary creativity. It often happens that, due to our own ignorance, we carelessly spoil the products, or simply have no idea that coffee can be made even more tasty if you add a pinch of salt to it, and you don’t need to grease the cheese with butter.

Next you will find a collection of useful culinary tips that you want to bring to life right now.

Paper and chicken

It would seem, why would this inedible combination? They do not need to be combined in one dish. Just paper effectively removes excess fat from the chicken, it is only slightly wet the poultry meat.

Potatoes for salad

Salads can be not only light, but also nourishing. And then you can not do without potatoes. By the way, chefs advise cutting potatoes for a salad that is hot.

Young beets

Love the young beets? It is really a very useful product that even actively uses for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Boil it in slightly salted water.

Do not overdo it with coals

Do you like to cook various dishes on the grill? Cooks advise not to put a lot of coal. In their opinion, it is better to put coal on one edge and gradually shift products. Otherwise, they risk to become charred, and dinner will be spoiled.

Crispy crust

Crispy meat is one of the most delicious and delicious dishes. How to achieve this appetizing crust? When frying the meat, pour one tablespoon of flour into the pan.

How to cook fish

Do not oil the pan when cooking fish. So, the risk that it burns and turns tough increases several times. It is better to rub the oil itself fish. It will also help to use exactly the amount of oil that is really needed.

Interesting refueling

Chefs advise experimenting in the kitchen. Especially wide space for culinary fantasy, if we are talking about all sorts of gas stations. A mixture of crab meat with grapefruit juice, for example, can be spread on toast or added to pasta.

Add zest to sauces

Lemon peel is perfect for creamy sauces. The fact is that it interacts with milk in a very interesting way, splitting it. The sauce will turn out like cottage cheese and, without doubt, very tasty.

Greens and potatoes

Potatoes and greens are a win-win combination. Cooks are advised to add fresh herbs just before serving the dish to the table.

How to break pasta

Do you use homemade pasta for pasta? Then you know how sometimes it is difficult to break them gently. However, professionals know the way out. Wrap the pasta in a towel and break with ease.

Garlic mass

Garlic mass with just one knife? Finely chop the garlic and crush it with a knife. Add a pinch of salt. It serves as a good absorbent.

Beat properly

For cooking for dinner, did you need a lot of eggs, sugar and juice? Beat it over a pot of boiling water.

Tasty dressing

Every chef knows that any dish can have a completely different taste and play in a new way, if you add to it an interesting dressing. Mix sorrel, fennel and lemon juice. Cooking and trying!

Hot chilli pepper

The chilliness of chili pepper is not always acceptable for European taste buds. Remove unnecessary piquancy is simple. Rinse the peppers in plenty of water and remove the grains.

Add mint when frying

Mint is a very interesting ingredient. It can be added not only in desserts, but also in meat dishes. Especially good mint revealed when frying. However, it should be added at the beginning of the cooking process.

Frying onions

Onion frying often has an unpleasant smell. You can fight this problem. Add to the onions and salt and cook it over low heat.

Grilled fish

Does the fish stick to the grill? Rub it with salt before putting it on the wire rack. Salt will absorb excess moisture and the fish will not burn.

Vermouth and risotto

Risotto is a popular dish of Italian cuisine. How to make it even tastier? Prepare the recipe of the legendary chef. Jamie Oliver adds vermouth to the risotto.

Ice cubes in syrup

Sometimes it is so tiring to wait for the syrup to cool. Especially if all the other ingredients are ready. There is nothing to add ice cubes to syrup.

How to heat honey

For a recipe, do you need heated honey? Then raise its temperature properly. To warm the honey, place it in a bowl of hot water for a while.