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How to compactly store all sorts of things in the kitchen and make it beautiful


Convenient when each item is in its place.

In the kitchen, it is especially important to organize storage so that appliances, cereals and spices are on hand, and lids and ladles do not interfere in the heat of cooking.

To make your kitchen ergonomic, you can use design solutions, and make designs from scrap materials.

All in sight

How to use the "dead zone" around the door.

Open shelves are a good way out when you don’t want to visually clutter up space with wall-mounted cabinets, and therefore they are suitable for both small and large kitchens. A vacant area often around door and window openings can be framed on top and on the sides - beautiful and functional.

How many dishes fit on the shelves by the window.

If you put bright plates and jugs brought from your travels to open shelves, they will become a unique element of decor. There you can also place stylish cookbooks, colored cereal storage containers, painted trays and bowls. So you will often cook new dishes and serve them in a beautiful dish.

A little advice is to make cans, bottles, containers and boxes harmoniously on the shelves, select containers that are similar in style and color.

Bright dishes decorate the interior.

Cozy niches

How to hide small kitchen appliances.

In a niche shelves look good, and if you add more doors, you get a compact cabinet. In the recess, located at the level of the working surface, it is convenient to store blenders, coffee makers and toasters. By closing it with a curtain or a folding shutter in the color of the headset, you will keep the stylistic unity of the room. And if the dimensions of the niche and kitchen allow, then you can make a real pantry with all the necessary drawers and shelves, and to save space, provide it with sliding doors.

Bright tile adorns the niche.

Functional rails

For every little thing there was a place.

A perforated or mesh panel mounted on the wall allows you to hang frying pans, colander, graters and cutting boards, as well as all sorts of small things like towels and tacks on the hooks. The rails in the kitchen apron area are incredibly convenient: they can hang a shelf with dishwashing liquid, a container for shovels and ladles, jars of spices and separate items like scissors on them, so that they are always at hand.

Suspended storage of ladles with ladles can also be arranged on the side of the lower and upper cabinets or above the working area of ​​the island kitchen by attaching rods and grates to the ceiling.

It is enough to lend a hand.

Do not shelve

So knives no longer dull.

First of all, you need to make sure that the drawers are moved as far as possible: it is always clear that it is lying there, and it is easy to get the contents. For table and kitchen appliances, it is better to purchase trays with compartments, and care must be taken to ensure that they are adjusted exactly to your needs. And if each knife will lie separately, they will need to sharpen less.

To organize the space in large boxes will help dividers and stand. For example, in order not to lose the lids of pots, they can be placed vertically in a narrow compartment or on a special stand. Keeping the plates in piles and not fearing for their safety when opening and closing will help the pegs stuck into the perforated board at the bottom of the box.

All in piles.

Several ventilated compartments on the runners can be distinguished for vegetables and fruits that are stored at room temperature. If you divide the box with deep trays or rails into compartments, it will be easy to navigate and maintain order. Baking sheets, cutting boards and bakeware can be stored in the drawer at the bottom of the kitchen unit, using precious centimeters between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. Or there you can put bowls of pet food - order and discipline!

A beautiful way to preserve the freshness of vegetables.


Bucket under the worktop - ergonomics in action.

In the lower cabinets it is convenient to place large household appliances, large pans. On the outside, hang a couple of small open containers on the outside - it’s convenient to brush cleaning from the countertop while cooking. By the way, garbage cans can be made retractable - it is much more convenient to pull out full bags and insert new ones. Or, for example, it is generally possible to equip for them a separate box, and not to put under the sink. And under it to arrange convenient shelves, and from the inside to attach the door holders for sponges, rags, brushes and household chemicals.

Under the sink you can remove more than you think.

Pull-out mechanisms will extend the functionality of even the deepest drawers - you no longer need to reach for the back wall, it will be enough to pull the handle.

Shelves of wall cabinets are often quite high, for example, there is a lot of free space between the dish dryer and the cups under it. To keep it open, use the shelf with legs, which will create an additional storage tier. You can hang the hanging insert on the shelf and put there teas and herbs or foil tubes, parchment and cling film.

Use the free space to the fullest.

Put the bread and biscuits in the basket, and it will be easier for you to remove the crumbs. Often prepare cookies for your favorite recipe? Fold the flour, baking powder, spices, a sieve, tins and a mat for rolling into a box, and you do not have to re-search every time you need throughout the kitchen. And if you are lucky with the height of the ceilings, then the upper cabinets can be arranged in two rows - just do not forget to provide a place for the ladder.

Corner Storage System

Rational use of angular space.

Using every corner is especially important if you have a small kitchen. Here will help the special boxes - due to the unusual shape and location, they help carve out a lot of centimeters for all sorts of little things. A sliding mechanism or a "carousel" can be inserted into the corner cupboard - with a flick of the wrist, you will reach the farthest saucepan.

Important stuff

Two in one.

It's all about the little things. Think, maybe, instead of a drawer right under the worktop, you can use a retractable work surface? Or instead of a stationary lower cabinet it is better to make a mobile pedestal on wheels under the tabletop? Then it can be used not only for cooking, but also as a dining area.

Spice storage.

Original storage of cereals and pasta.

If you stick magnets to small plastic containers, they can be stuck to the refrigerator. Covers cans for cereals and spices can be fixed at the bottom of wall cabinets, using this "dead zone". Drinks in bottles, jars with homemade blanks and festive tableware can be stored in boxes and drawers on shelves or on top of shelves. The main thing - that they were made in the same style and fit into the interior of the kitchen.

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