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Functionality and beauty: 20 ideas for organizing a pantry in the kitchen


A pantry is a small room or closet for storing food, dishes and cutlery.

And it is needed in every kitchen, without it, just like without hands.

Despite the priority of the functional side, it can be quite stylish, even the smallest.

Pantry with open shelves

You can even beat the window

The inside of the door should also be used.

High cabinets from floor to ceiling allow you to decompose on the shelves and in boxes a lot of things needed in the kitchen. Everything will be literally at hand, within reach of the working area.

Pantry in the kitchen

The place can be found even in a small kitchen.

Food is best stored in one area so that they are easy to find. A narrow shelf behind the refrigerator serves as a kind of continuation, and the place does not disappear. Now and chilled products, and dry all at your fingertips.

Everything is desirable to sign

Spacious pantry in the kitchen

If the kitchen does not have a lot of space for arranging the pantry, even the most compact version of it will fit. It is likely that it will be necessary to split large packages with products in half. Cereals, macaroni and other bulk products can be put into plastic containers so that they can be easily identified. On the doors you can equip additional space for storing some trifles.

Racks for storing food, household appliances, dishes

Pantry shelves in the kitchen

Functionality and beauty

A minimalist approach will help create a sense of neatness and organization. Especially you need to try. if the door to the pantry does not close. A wooden wine shelf will instantly transform the look of a pantry, giving it a solid look. A pantry with white shelves on which products, appliances and utensils stand separately will also look good.

Pantry with metal shelves

The organization of storage on the shelf may be different

To store products, especially bulk, do not need deep shelves. It will be quite enough 30 cm. However, this applies mainly to storage in plastic containers. If baskets are supposed to be used, then the shelves are needed more widely. However, you can also use delimiters with pointers, they will help maintain order.

Storerooms may be different

Spacious storage rooms in fitted wardrobes

There may be several storage rooms in the kitchen. You can find a place behind the fridge, for example. It does not hurt a separate place for kitchen appliances, which is best hidden from the eye down, most often it creates a feeling of clutter.