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17 brilliant life hacking with food film, which will be useful to everyone


Food film is absolutely brilliant thing, which can be found many applications. As can be understood from the name, this film is usually used to wrap products in it, thereby saving them from winding.

For example, already cut cheese will be stored longer if you wrap it in food film, the same applies to sausage, but in addition to the direct destination film can be used in other original ways.

Keep portions of dough in the freezer

To leave the dough to harden, wrap it in cling film. It will not stick to the surface of the refrigerator and will not absorb foreign odors.

Store products correctly

So that such aromatic products as, for example, ham or cheese, are not interrupted and do not absorb each other's smells, wrap them in cling film. It will help protect products from airing, retaining their taste and original appearance.

Roll out the dough through the food film. The table and rolling pin will remain clean.

Cover a table or cutting board with one sheet, cover the dough with another. It takes skill, but it's worth it.

Wrap the mixer with the film so that the liquids do not splash and the flour is not dusty.

Works with stationary mixers and immersion blenders. In the latter case, three quarters of the bowl should be closed, leaving an opening for the device.

Keep the pastry bag clean.

If the bag is one, and there are several creams (also different colors), it has to be washed many times. But everything is much easier if you make a bag of cling film, put cream on it and put it in a pastry bag.

Protect gadgets from moisture and dirt

Wrap the tablet and smartphone with film every time you watch YouTube for a meal or cook. The food film is thin - the sensor will respond. And if something spills or wakes up, the gadget will remain unharmed.

Leave the plates clean after eating

Ideas will appreciate bachelors and desperate lazy.

Take away the smell of cork from wine

When trichloro nisole (TCA) appears in the wine cork, the wine begins to smell like mold or wet cardboard. You can get rid of the unpleasant aroma with the help of a decanter. If it is not there, a simple device made of food film and a decanter will help. If the TCA is small, the film can absorb it.

Cook poached eggs without poppers

Cover with a film a small bowl, brush it with vegetable oil and break an egg. Then make a bag, tightly twist it and send it to the boiling water. This method of cooking is convenient because you can cook several poached eggs at once.

Cook eggs in the fridge

More precisely, in the freezer. Due to the long exposure to low temperatures, the yolks become hard and acquire an unusual taste. Wrap the eggs tightly with cling film and place in the freezer. The temperature should be below 18 degrees.

After three days, remove, make a small hole, pour out the albumen, and then break completely the shells and carefully remove the yolk. This dish is served in some expensive restaurants.

Make a glass-free spill

A great solution for children and travel help. From such a vessel it is convenient to drink in the train and car without any danger of throwing yourself and everything around you. Just pull the film over the glass, tightly pressing the edges. Insert a straw into the center.

Do not allow leaking liquid food and beverages.

Remember the rule: first film, then cover. This applies to bottles, lunchboxes and any other dishes that you plan to take with you for a picnic or work. Even a seemingly thick sauce can leak out if the container with it turns over in the bag.

Use a film instead of a rug for a refrigerator

Marketers claim that silicone refrigerator mats have anti-bacterial properties and help products stay fresh longer. In fact, they simply protect the shelves from smudges from pots and other contaminants. But with this mission the usual food film will perfectly cope.

Keep the bananas fresh

Food film, like foil, saves bananas from premature spoilage. Wrap the base of the bundle with it and put the fruit in the fridge.

Seal with ice cream containers

Just a cover is not enough to prevent ice from forming on the surface of the treat.

Make a blackfly trap

To get rid of the midges in the kitchen, put something sweet on the bottom of the glass. For example, strawberries. Top tightly close the vessel with a film and make several holes with a toothpick. Drosophila climb inside for the bait, and will not be able to get out.

Make the film obedient

If the food film badly unwinds, sticks together and breaks, hold the roll for an hour in the refrigerator. Under the influence of low temperatures, it will become less resilient and more manageable.