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20 options of partitions that will allow you to retire and not bother each other


Few can boast spacious square meters of living space, and some even have to live in studio apartments. To divide the space into zones, it is not necessary to build walls, it is enough to get a partition.

In today's material collected 20 options for unusual partitions that will allow everyone to retire in their place.

1. Plasterboard partition of unusual shape

Do not give in to standards, think of something unusual.

2. Partition for the nursery

A great option for a child's room, plus a couple of extra shelves for toys or anything else will not hurt.

3. Mini partition for one-room apartment

Two in one, not bulky partition and shelf for small things.

4. Stained glass partition for the kitchen

Beautiful and unusual partition for the kitchen.

5. Forged partition

Not necessarily the partition should be made of plasterboard, forged products will look no worse.

6. Glass partition

Such a partition looks beautiful and fits perfectly for any interior.

7. Transparent glass partition

This style is now in fashion, everything in sight and a great overall look.

8. A partition from a tree

Everything that looks cool is, of course, not done by standards.

9. Decorative wooden partition

This partition will perfectly fit into the overall design of the room.

10. Turkish style partition

Bright classics are always in trend, do not be afraid to change the style of the interior.

11. Partition with curtains

This, of course, is an unusual and authorial idea of ​​a room partition.

12. Unique interroom partition

The idea of ​​such a partition will be appreciated by any of your guests, because you will meet such an apartment in every apartment.

13. Decorative curtain wall

A partition is not to call it, but still it is a partition. Fantasy is welcome in any ideas.

14. Chinese-style screen

Such a partition is convenient to move, easy and simple in design for folding.

15. Tissue partition

The partition can be of any shape, as you design it, so it will fit into the interior.

16. Partition for children of different sex


Take note of those who have grown up and the girl and the boy, the main thing to please the children.

17. Decorative partition with frosted glass elements

It looks, of course, very beautiful and will please the eye for sure.

18. A wild stone partition with an aquarium inside

This words can not describe, just gorgeous.

19. Wooden decorative partition

An interesting style, but the one who will wipe the dust on the shelves, not envy.

20. Frosted glass partition

This partition is easy to make, do not have to bother too much.